Carlingford Lough Yacht Club
Cruiser Racing 2019

Last year we had a record number of races – 76 in all, with 14 boats from around the Lough participating. This year we have 89 races programmed, spanning Early, Mid and Late seasons and October series and including other regattas.

To make the racing better for all competitors, we will be encouraging as many boats as possible to race, right from the start of the Early Season in April to the end of the October Series.

Seasons: To give every boat an equal chance of winning, the National Handicap scheme for Cruisers will continue to be used for the Seasons. The Dual Scoring system will also continue for the Seasons, with the Carlingford Lough Ratings this year being derived directly from personal handicaps. In addition, ratings based on personal handicaps will be adjusted every week. Each skipper is asked to complete an on-line Entry Form, letting us know various boat details, and verifying that adequate insurance etc is in place. All entered cruisers will be eligible to compete in the Early, Mid and Late seasons and October series.

Boats can enter for the Seasons at any time throughout the series (giving us at least 3 days' notice).

Events: We will use Current Personal Handicaps based on each boat's most recent handicap. IRC results will also be available to those skippers who have submitted a valid 2019 IRC certificate. Open regattas are open to all comers - YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE A MEMBER OF CLYC. Just return the on-line form - there is NO FEE except for the CLYC Cruiser Regatta.

Pursuit Races: Racing on 12-Jul-19 for the Woodhouse Cruiser Trophy, will be based on the ever-popular Pursuit format.

Documents and other information are available at the links below:

Let's get as many boats out as possible!