Izzy and Tim couldn’t be caught

Even before the last 12-boat race of the Frostbite Season on Sunday 22nd December, it looked as though Izzy O’Farrell in the B-fleet and Tim Gibbons in the A-fleet were uncatchable, having established a sizeable lead ahead of their fleets.  And so it came to pass – although Jim Linton pipped Ian Finnegan into 3rd place, Tim didn’t even have to be there to have the 6-race series won, the finishing order in the A-fleet being 1st Tim Gibbons, 2nd Jim Linton and 3rd Ian Finnegan.  The B-fleet results for the series were 1st Izzy O’Farrell in a Laser 4.7, 2nd Tom McKeveney in a Laser Radial, and 3rd David Fegan in a Laser Radial.

After the racing, Santa Claus visited the Club during the Children’s Christmas Party and gifts galore were distributed.

That concludes the year’s racing, apart from the big day on St Stephen’s Day, when the Roche Trophy is competed for by the A-fleet and the Cranley Mince Pie is contested by the B-fleet.  There will be a festive gathering in the Club house after the racing, to which everybody is welcome, and trophies and prizes will be distributed for the day’s racing and the Frostbite Season.

Santa popped in to the Club to wish all the children a Happy Christmas

Bill Donnelly and Philip O’Connor had a close encounter just after the start of the race.

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