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There are many reasons why you might join the Club. We have a well-appointed Club house, with spacious grounds, and exceptional views. The people who join the Club are families, single adults or single children. We have all year round sailing, with dinghy racing from late April to late December, and cruiser racing from early May to late September.

Powerboat courses of many levels are available. Be a Social Member, or join just to play Bridge, learn to sail in big or small boats, learn all about navigation, learn to powerboat safely, learn to improve, and learn to compete in small or big boats.

Compete at Club level, at provincial, national or international levels, …or just cruise around beautiful Carlingford Lough – in big yachts or in dinghies, kayaks, canoes, windsurfers or SUP boards.

Get involved in the running of the Club.

You don’t have to own a boat, even if you are a sailor. You can buy a boat or hire one from the Club, become crew on dinghies or cruisers.

The details about membership are given below, and there’s also an on-line Membership Application Form.

We would love to see you, so why don’t you come on down for a look or at least register your email address with us for regular updates?
Annual Subscriptions 2024
Family SailingOne family member or more is/are involved in sailing activities. Family Sailing members have the full use of all Club facilities.

This includes 1 or 2 parents and all children who are under 18 on the 1st January or are Full Time students. Each Family

Sailing Member over 16 has a vote.


Single SailingA Single Sailing Member is involved in sailing activities, and is over 18 on 1st January, is not a Full Time student,

and has full use of all Club facilities. A Single Sailing member has a vote.


Powerboat/WatersportsThis category of membership is for those involved in non-motorised water sports

with full use of Club facilities, and has no vote.


Family SocialIncludes 1 or 2 parents and all children under 18 on the 1st of January or are Full Time students.

Social Members have no vote.


Cadet 16-29Cadets are over 16 on the 1st January and under 29 on the 1st of January. Cadets have a vote.


Junior Under 16Juniors are under 16 on the 1st January, with no vote. First membership £50


CountryA Country Member is a Full Member of an RYA or ISA recognised sailing club, has use of Club facilities but has no vote.


Single Social/BridgeSocial/Bridge Members have no vote.


HonoraryHonorary Members have full use of Club facilities and have a vote.


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