The Club

The Club House from the Water

We have a well appointed Club house with spacious grounds and great views.

Whether it’s leisurely cruising or exciting sailing in large or small boats, whether you sail or not, no matter what age you are, you can:

  • Be a Social Member.
  • Join just to play Bridge.
  • Learn to sail small or big boats.
  • Learn to powerboat.
  • Learn to improve.
  • Learn to compete – small or large boats.
  • Compete at Club level.
  • Compete at Provincial, National or International level.
  • Get involved in running the Club.

You don’t have to own a boat, even if you are a sailor.
You can buy a boat or hire one from the Club.
You can become regular crew on bigger yachts.
We would love to see you, so come on down for a look.