Enhanced Weather Station

Now that we have the windguru wind measuring device at the top of the flag pole, not only can the measurements be seen live, updated every minute, round the clock, on the Club web site (click HERE), but it is now possible to display permanently, the wind measurements, windguru forecast, local weather forecast, local tide […]

Successful Dinghy Regatta

Sailing Secretary Andy Browne changed the date of the regatta this year obviously following consultation with a meteorologist as it was as near perfect as possible. Brisk south easterly winds made course setting a breeze for Michael O’Farrell on Scarlet. Saturday’s races were testing, so much so that Rooney and McDonagh blew a gasket and […]

Join our emailing list

Calling all members and friends of CLYC – please enter your email and press Subscribe! on the front page of the new website www.clyc.info and we will pop you on to our emailing list to keep you up-to-date. As this is a new system, some previously registered email addresses may not have made their way on to it, […]


A Tail of Two Knots

When is a knot not a knot? The answer is, when you need it most! Just as the McLaughlins were poised to overtake Browne/Hicks (in the nursery boat), a figure of 8 knot in the mainsheet mysteriously disappeared allowing it freedom to fly. The ensuing debate as to who was in fact responsible for said […]