Dinghy Regatta 2015 – Dead Calm   Recently updated !

Very slow progress for the fleet. Luke McIlwaine took the conditions in his stride. Dinghy Regatta 2015, Dead Calm – Henry McLaughlin The forecast was for 6 knots of wind from the south, but we got about 3 knots from the west, the north, occasionally the east and sometimes all […]



Warrenpoint Regatta 2015   Recently updated !

A steady westerly breeze provided excellent racing conditions for the 2015 Warrenpoint Regatta on Saturday. Ten cruisers came to the starting line off Dobbin’s Point to take part in close competitive racing, over 4 races, on a triangular course set close to the seafront in Warrenpoint. As expected the larger […]

Great Finish to the Mid Season

CLYC Notes by Aidan McKay A reduced cruiser fleet competed on Saturday for the final race of the mid-season but the four boats that did turn up on the day enjoyed 3 fabulous races. Steady south easterly winds blowing around 17 -20 knots set the scene. Race officer Chris Cassidy […]



Cruiser Racing Hotting Up

Light steady winds were replaced with a few blustery showers on Saturday last which made the racing very interesting indeed. Three very close races were run in the penultimate weekend of the mid-season. All eyes are on Invincible, MaxiMeyes and Gannet for the series. Every cruiser in the lough is […]