The Sailing Year Comes to a Close

On St Stephen’s Day the annual Roche Trophy and Cranley Mince Pie races were held at CLYC. As usual there was a good turn out and 12 boats braved the brisk (but cold) 10 to 15 knot NW wind. The water was COLD. The Race Officer was Ian Finnegan who set a long triangular course in the winter sunshine. The A-Fleet race for the Roche […]

Fleets Building Up for the Frostbite Season

Despite the expected poor wind and low temperatures, last Sunday’s races turned out to be well attended, with eleven boats. There was a nice steady breeze, enough to keep you exercising in the boat to keep warm – unless you were in a patrol RIB. Aidan McKay and Connla Conway, ably assisted by Josh Donnelly, set a perfect windward-leeward course, making a great race, enjoyed […]

It’s a Numbers Game for the Late Season

Saturday was a fair autumn day, but the wind didn’t play fair. This was the last day of racing for the cruisers’ Late Season and 8 boats turned up. There was a lot at stake for some, as Gannet and Invincible were sitting at the top of the league with equal points. Left like that, Invincible would have been the winner as she had beaten […]

Kettles out for the Carlingford Kettle

Occasionally, when the wind is just right in terms of direction and speed little funnels of water and spray form on the surface of Carlingford Lough like mini-tornadoes. These are known locally as the Carlingford Kettles. Only the mad or foolish would be caught out on the water if there were kettles on the lough. It was very fitting then that as winds of 18mph […]